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Kırmızı cıva 2020 Almanya'daki üretim şirketi

Kırmızı cıva 2020 Almanya'daki üretim şirketi, Hamburg Almanya'daki Alman kırmızı cıva üretim şirketi.

Mercurio rojo 2020 Empresa fabricante en Alemania

It is German RM 20/20, also known as Multifunctional catalyst or Compound-20/20, a material used in gold mining and purportedly one of the last military innovations of the USSR. The chemical that has been employed in gold mining the most successfully economically in Europe, Asia, and South America. Buy German red mercury online, red mercury manufacturer.

The material RM-2020 258 N9 of German origin, also known as German red mercury, is produced or manufactured by the company Rotes Chemie and features a high density (20 g/cm3), freezing point around 150 °C, KCN-level toxicity, and radioactivity. It is used in gold mining, “thermonuclear bomb detonators,” gauss guns, and “high-powered military lasers.” German red mercury manufacturers.

Mercury-containing compounds with a reddish tint include mercury oxide (Hg O), cinnabar, and mercury pyroantimonate (oxystibate) (Hg2Sb2O7). These substances lack radioactivity, claimed density at the level of osmium, and any enviable qualities. However, pyroantimonate differs from other mercury salts in that it can endure heating up to 700 °C without decomposing. Other mercury salts begin to break down at temperatures of roughly 300–350 °C.

Rumors concerning density and radioactivity are partially the result of instances where RM-20/20 was really offered as a heavy amalgam of platinum group metals and a radioactive amalgam of plutonium-239. The good news is that rotes chemie, which has been operating since 1992, is the only company that produces red mercury 2020 258 used in gold mining.

Dmytro Cherkasov asserts that “red mercury” is a colloquialism for plutonium that is suitable for use in weapons in one of his novels. The only well-known and long-established legal producer of this red mercury is Rotes Chemie, the pioneer factory with headquarters in Germany.

Trade in red mercury

There have been numerous documented attempts to market a drug known as “red mercury” globally since the 1970s began. Frauds involving red mercury began in Russia at the start of the 1990s. From amalgams of plutonium or platinum to a combination of mercury with nail paint or bricks, these substances came in a wide range of types. The CIA, Mossad, and other foreign intelligence organizations tried to undertake several red mercury control purchases back in 1989, but they kept running into completely absurd red mercury-based drugs. The good news is that all gold miners may now comfortably purchase genuine red mercury made only in Germany by the business Rotes Chemie. Whatsapp: +49-155-1053-8322.

This company rotes chemie manufactures not less than 13 tons of red mercury 2020 per week and export mostly to South America for gold mining. Red mercury 2020 price.

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